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introducing my web signals

The Future of Marketing and Advertising at your fingertips today!!!

Signal Stones

A small device which transmits a message to every nearby cell phone.

Customize your message

You can customize a message and icon to be transmitted, or we can do it for you!

Cell phone delivery

Signal Stones sends your custom message and clickable link to every cell phone nearby.

Customized landing page

The user clicks on your message which takes them to a customized landing page where you can display coupons, special timed offers, links to your website or social media, or anything else you wish to deliver!!! The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

My Web signals

Automatically promote your business on every nearby Android phone.
Reach your target audience immediately and automatically

Create your own landing pages, digital business cards and offers right form your computer or cell phone, or if you prefer, allow us handle it for you! Automatically track and measure performance and statistics via customized reports and analytics.

  • Signal reaches all nearby phones

  • Percent of cell phones running android

  • Broadcast to 100% of nearby android phones

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